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Full Guard is your local family-run business providing safe, discreet pest control services for homes and work premises. Our team has built a reputation as the go-to pest control service for domestic and commercial pest control.
Based in Berkshire, Full Guard will travel throughout the South of England, preventing or dealing with various pest-related issues.

We know that any type of pest problem requires prompt action, which is why we promise a fast response directly to your property, either as a one-off visit or as part of a regular pest maintenance schedule. Full Guard is a streamlined pest operation that has an incredibly tight-knit team working together to solve our customers' pest issues.
Whilst we would always encourage best practice for pest prevention, we understand sometimes pests are just too persistent and out of control. This is why we utilise several humane methods for controlling or dispatching specific pests, and use the most effective treatment for doing so. We use traps, heat treatments, shooting, chemical means and, when necessary, poison baits. This allows us to provide you with the latest and most effective forms of pest control. We are fully insured and regularly update our training. We conform to all current legislation and maintain a high standard of working practice. We provide a proactive approach to pest prevention.


Our small team of specialist staff are qualified and trained to the highest standard. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

Our Pest Promise

We deliver effective results and, if not, we'll do it again with a 50% discount! When we have had a look at your pest problem, most often, there is no reason why we cannot deal with it completely, especially when it is a problem in your home. We simply work out how this is to be done - that’s what we are good at.
Very occasionally, there are circumstances that make eradication impossible. An example of this would be eradicating cockroaches from a premise where the cockroaches are coming from a neighbouring property and we have no access. We also cannot promise to get rid of ants entirely - there are just too many of them - but we can certainly improve matters for you.
The reason we offer this promise is to put your mind at rest: your problem can be solved. We carried out a customer survey recently, and you told us that having to pay again when the problem was still there was your number-one fear.

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