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Full Guard helps to protect your business against a wide variety of pests. We've been helping UK businesses for over 10 years, eradicating pests at hundreds of commercial properties - including warehouses, restaurants, building sites, welfare areas, offices and nurseries.

Whether it's a few mice, fouling from nuisance birds or an entire infestation of bed bugs, our pest management programmes focus on helping your business meet exacting standards for health, safety and cleanliness, thereby also helping to protect your reputation. With many industries requiring a ‘zero tolerance’ on pests, our removal and control programmes are tailored to protect your business and your customers from pest-related problems and diseases.

Integrated Pest Management

By following the principles of integrated pest management and proven pest control methods, we will guarantee early detection, detailed monitoring and precise treatment to manage your pest issues as effectively as possible. Every pest service and solution we offer your business is carried out by British Pest Control Association-qualified specialists.


We offer top-level manufacturing pest control all along the production chain, from goods receipt to product delivery.

At various stages across your operation, you may face risks from insects arriving with stock, rodents or flies contaminating production or stored product insects (SPIs) threatening goods in your warehouse.

With access to the most suitable solutions for your industry, including fumigation and innovative technology such as our chemical-free heat treatment, we can react to pest problems swiftly and effectively.

Commercial Pest Control Services


Even if your business does not handle food, pest problems can occur on premises where goods and people are constantly on the move.

Once they are present, pests could damage your stock and severely harm your reputation.

As non-food retailers, you may face pest threats from rodents, flies, moths and biting insects. A wide range of other insects and nuisance birds are also common problems.

A professional pest control solution can provide the protection you need for your stock and reputation. It will also ensure a safe and hygienic working environment for your staff.

Commercial: Services
Food Retail Pest Control Services



The food retail industry is the most important part of the food chain from a consumer safety point of view, as it is the last step before food reaches the consumer. It therefore has the greatest responsibility for ensuring food safety, traceability and consumer information.


Our proven pest control methods and innovative solutions will guarantee early detection, detailed monitoring and precise, targeted treatment to manage your pest problems as effectively as possible.


Every pest service and treatment we offer your business is carried out by British Pest Control Association-certified specialists.

Foodservice Pest Control


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