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As seasons change and the weather gets cooler, glis glis look to hibernate, They often do this in homes, business premises, lofts, garages - just about anywhere were they can find a warm, cozy area to bed down.

Pest control companies must be licensed by Natural England in order to control glis glis (also known as the Edible Dormouse). They are a protected species and so experience and expertise is required to deal with them.

They are often mistaken for squirrels though they not related and are smaller than the squirrel.


Glis glis cause problems with the change of weather as they prepare to hibernate as winter begins. Often they find their way into your loft space or cavity walls where they cause untold damage, particularly dangerous due to their love of electrical cables that can cause fires. They cause a lot of noise as they run throughout cavities and loft spaces.


You can't miss the glis glis


Glis glis are known for their climbing abilities; they are capable of scaling any structure and entering properties through roof-level small openings. 

Glis glis are nocturnal so will not often be seen in daylight.

Teeth Marks

Capable of causing considerable damage through their gnawing, glis glis leave a trail of teeth marks in their wake. They are especially fond of electrical wiring.


Being nocturnal, we are often subjected to sleepless nights as these very active rodents scurry about in the attic spaces above bedrooms. 



Glis glis cause damage to property, particularly in loft and attic spaces. With a fondness for electrical cables, they are known to cause fires, making them a very dangerous pest.



Protecting Your YIELD

When it comes to control, we believe that prevention is always better than cure. Our service includes a free, ‘no obligation’ site survey, which allows us to inspect your property for any pest activity.



As per the Spring Traps Approval Order (England) 2021, Goodnature A24 Humane Spring Traps are now approved for the use of dispatching glis glis. 

Those who know Full Guard know we have long been an advocate of Goodnature technology, so we are very pleased to see this amendment added.

The A24 is a fantastic addition: it is humane, fully automated and toxin-free. Capable of dealing with a large number of rodents before needing to be reset, they are a very efficient way of dealing with any infestation.

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