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Heat treatments



As the strongest chemicals continue to be taken off the market and pests continue to become resistant to various treatments, mainly chemical, we invest time and money in the most effective heat treatment technology and training in order to maximise effectiveness. 

Heat treatments are eco-friendly, child- and pet-safe, and 100% effective. 

Leaving heat treatments to be the best option if you want a chemical-free treatment in your business or family home. There are other great benefits in doing a full heat treatment such as killing all stages of life development in one. Because of this, the property can be put back into use without further delay, and the tenants do not have to suffer so many bites

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Preventing Heat Damage

There will be some risks when heating up an entire room above 60 °C.  Some electronics can be sensitive to heat damage and would therefore need to be removed from the room in question to be on the safe side.

Other considerations should be plants and aquariums which would certainly be destroyed.  This is why we send out preparation sheets to all of our customers to help protect your heat-sensitive items. You should bring them into the bathroom or kitchen that will not be heat treated using space heaters as it may otherwise damage the white goods and domestic appliances.

We will do everything in our power to protect your items but some materials contained within the rooms like wallpaper may curl, or peel off the walls. Some cheaper laminate may peel off from the furniture it covers. Some plastic fittings may soften, lose their stiffness and eventually distort. 

Because of this, sometimes we will need to carry out some or all of the heat treatment manually using the professional pest control cimex eradicator steamers to complete the eradication proccess.


is a heat treatment effective for bed bugs?

Heating your property to the bed bug eradication heat threshold (above 56°C) denatures the protein structure of the eggs and kills  the bed bug infestation.

You may instinctively think that you should completely clear your home, rearrange furniture, and perhaps perform some DIY pest control yourself in order to help with the heat treatment procedure. In fact, this is the opposite.

The benefit of a bed bug heat treatment is that it will sort out any bedbug infestation and by you removing items while the treatment is being carried out, you increase the possibility of reintroducing bedbugs that may reside in those items. In principle, what belongs to a room must stay in the room, and what belongs to a corner needs to stay there as well.

Beware, bed bug DIY solutions involving commercial pesticides may prime the bed bugs for resistance. But any solution involving killing bed bugs with heat is possibly the best DIY bed bug treatment that non-professionals can attempt without any adverse consequences. Using a cheap steam cleaner for bed bugs may not be very powerful, but does present the advantage of being very safe. However, do not ever attempt a bed bug oven DIY treatment if you have a gas cooker as this is a fire risk!



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