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There are a whopping 650 recorded species of spider in the UK - but only 12 of these species can actually bite us 

Of the 650 species of spider found in the UK, only about 12 species are of concern for potential  bites. These include:

  • The False Widow.

  • The Tube Web Spider. 

  • The Woodlouse Spider.

  • The Cardinal Spider.

  • The Money Spider.

  • The Walnut Orb-Weaver Spider.

  • The Black Lace-Weaver.

  • The Wasp Spider... Yes, these are in the UK now too!

Of the 12 species of spiders that bite, the two main culprits are the Tube Web Spider (Segestria Florintina) and the False Widow Spider (Steatoda Nobilis). Their bilateral bites are said to be moderately painful, with symptoms ranging from swelling to tremors which last around 1-12 hours.

They're not all bad though, spiders are responsible for eating up to 880 million TONS of insects each year.

But if you have an out-of-control spider nest that needs removing, call Full Guard Pest Control today.



Cobwebs are a sign that a spider once lived there. While old spider webs can be creepy,  it doesn't mean you have an active nest.

egg sacs 

Female spiders produce egg sacs containing thousands of spider eggs.  Some spiders die after giving birth, while some guard their nest. 

Appearances can range from a yellowish silky mass to a tiny ball with spikes all over.


seeing spiders

This sounds obvious but it is actually very important: to notice a lot of spiders on your property may mean you have a separate issue with too many insects. 



Do you feel plagued with spiders in your home?

Some of our customers admit they wished they'd called Full Guard earlier, after killing spider after spider but with no end to their return.   



A study has shown that almost a third of people say their fears make them think twice about visiting a destination.

Don't let spiders slow down your business growth.

Different Species of spider commonly found in the UK

false widow spider

False widow (Steatoda nobilis)

Giant house spider .jpg

giant house spider
(Eratigena atrica)

Cellar spider

Cellar spiders

Treatments EMPLOYED


We use high-strength insecticidal treatments to kill spiders on contact while ensuring the removal of their nest and eggs. This process leaves you with a treated surface, giving you up to a one-year guarantee.

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